ake your next special event cause for celebration with one of our delicious, freshly baked, three-layer round cakes.

Our cakes are available in 6-, 9- and 12-inch diameters and in many flavor combinations.  Stop by the store and take your pick from our case. Or call in advance and let us help create the perfect ending to your next dinner party, family gathering or office get-together.We require a minimum of 72 hours or more advance notice for special cake orders. Due to the complexity, fondant cakes and tiered cakes require 7 days advance notice. 6 and 9 inch cakes are 3 layers. 12 inch cakes are 4 layers.

Sheet Cakes - Our two-layer half sheet cake is easy to slice and serve and provides up to 72 servings. Available in chocolate, vanilla, red velvet and coconut.

Celebration Cakes

Just Vanilla - Purists swoon over this moist, golden cake with the warm taste of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. This cake pairs well with the majority of our frostings and fillings.

Dark Chocolate - This intensely dark, moist cake is a customer favorite. It looks beautiful topped with our vanilla bean frosting and becomes an irresistible and grown-up chococcino cake when combined with our cappuccino buttercream.

Red Velvet - A southern tradition at home in Studio City. Our red velvet is a gorgeous, crimson cake enhanced with real vanilla and a generous helping of high-quality imported cocoa.  We top our red velvet with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla buttercream.

Specialty Cakes

Boston Cream Pie* - Vanilla cake layers filled with our homemade vanilla pastry cream and topped with chocolate ganache.

Carrot Cake* - Old-fashioned carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting**.

Cinnamon - Moist and golden with a warm, spicy note of cinnamon, this cake is a perfect foil for our Spicy Hot Chocolate frosting.

Cookies & Cream - Chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling, vanilla buttercream and dark chocolate ganache drip.

Dalmatian - A favorite for children and adults alike, this velvety white cake is studded with chocolate mini morsels. It looks great and pairs well with our vanilla and chocolate buttercreams.

Double Coconut* - This rich, dense cake is chock-full of tender coconut. Paired with our cream cheese frosting** and topped with even more coconut, it’s a showy dream of a cake.

Funfetti - Vanilla cake with confetti sprinkles topped with our pink vanilla buttercream and more confetti sprinkles on the outside.

German Chocolate - This is the genuine article, made with Mr. German’s baking chocolate. Its distinctive flavor and old-fashioned pecan coconut filling make it a great choice for dinner parties and office events.

Gluten-Free Chocolate or Vanilla - Topped with our Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream.

Hummingbird*- Dense and moist pecan-studded banana-pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting**.

Lemon Curd* - Our vanilla cake with lemon curd between the layers and frosted with whipped cream.

Neapolitan - One layer each of chocolate cake, vanilla cake and strawberry cake with your choice of buttercream flavors.

Pink Champagne - Pink vanilla cake with a hint of champagne and topped with a pink champagne buttercream.

Pumpkin - One of our Fall favorites, this moist pumpkin cake is paired with a silky brown sugar buttercream. Available October - December.

Rainbow - A moist vanilla cake with a beautiful concentric ring of rainbow hues in each layer. Fun to serve and eat.
Available in 6" - $75, 9" - $95, 12" -$175, 1/2 sheet -$175

Salted Caramel*- Our dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and handmade salted caramel between the layers. Frosted with an ombre of vanilla and chocolate buttercream.

Vegan Chocolate - Our most popular cupcake is now available as a cake with Vanilla Bean frosting.

Unicorn - This magical cake is available in the flavor of your choice, topped with vanilla buttercream, a golden horn and decorative mane. 6"-$80, 9"-$120.

*Requires refrigeration. **Cream cheese icing contains almond extract.


Celebration Cakes
6-inch cake - $40
9-inch cake - $65
12-inch cake - $135
1/2 sheet cake - $135
Speciality Cakes*
6-inch cake - $45
9-inch cake - $75
12" not available for Speciality Cakes
1/2 sheet cake - $155
Slice of cake - $6.25 each

*Rainbow Cake
6-inch - $75, 9-inch - $95, 12-inch or 1/2 sheet -$175

Buttercream writing is complimentary. There is an additional charge for custom fondant or buttercream design work and tiering of cakes.

Frosting and Filling Choices

- Belgian Chocolate Buttercream
- Vanilla or Vanilla Bean Buttercream
- Cappuccino Buttercream
- Peanut Butter Buttercream
- Spicy Hot Cocoa Buttercream
- Mint Buttercream
- Dulce de Leche Buttercream
- Fresh Lemon Buttercream
- Orange Juice Buttercream

- Vegan Vanilla Bean Frosting
- Strawberry Buttercream
- Fresh Whipped Cream
- Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream
- Lemon Curd
- Seasonal Fruit*

We also offer a variety of fruit accents, featuring choices from caramelized pineapple to fresh berries in season.*

*Cakes with seasonal fruit are subject to a surcharge.

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